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Personal Stories Becomes Radio Drama

September 11, 2012

Moody Publishers and Moody Radio have teamed up to create and air a special dramatic presentation based on Inciting Incidents: 6 Stories of Fighting Disappointment in a Flawed World that includes six creative storytellers sharing their stories that capture this generation's battle between idealism and reality.  

Hosted by Moody Radio host, Chris Fabry, this theatre-of-the-mind experience guides listeners through real life-altering moments from artists who battle with depression, cancer, past sexual abuse, and more. Each character in this spoken drama exemplifies the tensions between faith, life, and artistry. Be cautioned, these are not happily-ever-after stories.  

Author of Inciting Incidents, Sarah Cunningham, is an idea junkie who blogs about creativity and collaboration. In addition to writing books, she happily sinks her imagination into events and projects that attempt to stir extraordinary things in a sometimes too-ordinary world.  

“This book is for that moment when you realize the world will not always blaze a trail to welcome you or your aspirations. And it is for those later disappointments, when you come to understand that disappointment and challenge will surface againandagain,” Cunningham explains.  

Airing on September 14 & 15, 2012, these storytellers will pave the way for a better understanding of those moments in life that truly shape us. For more information about the radio drama, click the Moody Radio Inciting Incidents link here .   

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