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Lance Armstrong's Questionable Apology

January 21, 2013

Dr. Jennifer Thomas watched the recent interview of disgraced former road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong, as he described his illegal use of performance enhancing drugs, resulting in the stripping of every title won since 1998. As a trained psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Thomas noticed Armstrong's word choice and body language, as she expressed concern during her interview with reporter Jeff Mills of the News & Record Newspaper.

While Armstrong did apologize and said he was wrong, the question of sincerity remains. His comments did not clarify if he was sorry he did wrong, or if he was sorry he was caught. To read the January 18, 2013 interview in full, please click here. Jennifer Thomas adds more depth to the story with comments found on her personal blog, which can be read here.

Jennifer M. Thomas, Ph.D., is a graduate of the University of Virginia and psychologist with Associates in Christian Counseling in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Jennifer counsels on a wide variety of individual and couples' issues from communication to trauma recovery and spiritual healing and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Jennifer is co-author of The Five Languages of Apology How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships with award-winning author, conference speaker, and radio host Dr. Gary Chapman.

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