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Don Pearson

In his twenty-plus years of youthwork, DON PEARSON has been kicked out of restaurants, left kids behind in airports, lost ten thousand dollars on a single event, totaled a borrowed vehicle, caught a sailboat on fire, fired volunteers, and run out of fuel in a bus on Mackinaw Bridge at 2:00 am with 40 knot winds rocking it wildly back and forth.

The ministry he oversees has lost kids in the mountains, called in a helicopter rescue during a backcountry blizzard, fought off bears in camps, driven a bus through a glass toll booth in Mexico with armed guards pointing machine guns at the windows, rented fifteen large vans for one trip, swam with sharks, rescued kids getting stung by jellyfish in the dark waters off the Spanish Virgin Islands, separated students who were fighting in a pile of horse manure, logged untold hours in emergency rooms all over the world, run hundreds of trips and retreats, sat through countless board meetings and budget battles, and partnered to raise money for four building projects—all at the same church. During this time, God has faithfully extended the range of his ministry from six kids in the eighties to over six hundred today.

A graduate of Moody Bible Institute (Pastoral / Greek), Cornerstone University (B.A. in Religion), and Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary (M.A. in Theological Studies), Don now spends most of his time overseeing the thriving youth ministry of Blythefield Hills Baptist Church, providing direction for their five full-time youth staff and hundreds of volunteers.

As always, his emphasis is on reaching, discipling, and equipping young people for spiritual leadership in the church and the world. Don and his wife, Julie, have three grown children and reside near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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